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Heracles also tried to defeat Medusa, but in his very own way. Apparently her gaze did turn him to stone, but only partly. It was his big heavy cock that turned to stone when the hero saw the tight-bodied monster and her strangely appealing curves. Their battle turned to raw kinky sex almost right away. Soon both were spent, but Medusa knew Heracles would be back soon.

Interspecies Romance 0
Interspecies Romance 1
Interspecies Romance 2
Interspecies Romance 3
Interspecies Romance 4
Interspecies Romance 5
Interspecies Romance 6
Interspecies Romance 7
Interspecies Romance 8
Interspecies Romance 9
Interspecies Romance 10

Who said different species can't get it on? They can, as long they are both furry... and horny! The tall beautiful tiger-like hottie got all her openings explored and pleased by her big strong wolf-like lover. They forgot about everything and just kept doing it in the ancient gallery, the tiger riding the wolf's pulsing manhood. Watch the tiger winds her long sexy tail all around her lover!

Winged Guard 0
Winged Guard 1
Winged Guard 2
Winged Guard 3
Winged Guard 4
Winged Guard 5
Winged Guard 6
Winged Guard 7
Winged Guard 8
Winged Guard 9
Winged Guard 10

The legends spoke of vicious, merciless harpies guarding the treasure. He was prepared to slay as many of them as needed. But it turns out it was not his soul that they wanted. That winged creature was horny for his big hard dick! He grabbed her by her wings, she grabbed him by his massive boner, and the sweaty battle began. Oh how insatiable this strange creature was!

Personal Hell 0
Personal Hell 1
Personal Hell 2
Personal Hell 3
Personal Hell 4
Personal Hell 5
Personal Hell 6
Personal Hell 7
Personal Hell 8
Personal Hell 9
Personal Hell 10

Sinners go to hell, and this particular sinner went to a very particular kind of hell. She was doomed to serve a demon and a dominatrix for all eternity to come! The dominatrix would tramp her naked body, make her worship her feet, and make the slut do a myriad of other humiliating things she enjoyed so much with her countless lovers on earth. But this time, this is never going to end!

Furry Witch Shrine 0
Furry Witch Shrine 1
Furry Witch Shrine 2
Furry Witch Shrine 3
Furry Witch Shrine 4
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Furry Witch Shrine 6
Furry Witch Shrine 7
Furry Witch Shrine 8
Furry Witch Shrine 9
Furry Witch Shrine 10

First he was scared a bit, then he was slightly shocked, and then he got strangely and massively aroused. This is what happened to the wandering warrior when he saw the fur-covered witch make sacrifices to her dark deities. The fur covering her curves was glistening and her hole was soaked with lust. The two got completely lost in each other fucking right on the shrine of the furry witch.

Na'vi's Revenge 0
Na'vi's Revenge 1
Na'vi's Revenge 2
Na'vi's Revenge 3
Na'vi's Revenge 4
Na'vi's Revenge 5
Na'vi's Revenge 6
Na'vi's Revenge 7
Na'vi's Revenge 8
Na'vi's Revenge 9
Na'vi's Revenge 10

Humans may have landed on Pandora, but it's the Na'vi who are supposed to call the shots. The greedy humans will get what they deserve some day! Well, one member of the crew got what he deserved all right. Watch a beautiful Na'vi humanoid subdue a hapless man and use him for her very special sexual needs. He cums (and leaves the planet) only when she's done with him!

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