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Even when it was a fantasy movie, Emma's acting was always about keeping it real. Let's see how she handles something really raw and real here! As she was watching her favorite movie all alone, a mage from worlds beyond appeared and took instant liking to Emma's tight butt. You don't say no to a big strong bastard like this... but hey, Emma was loving the rough buttfucking in the end!

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Favorite place closed down, Hunk very angry! And what's better to do when you're angry, no, super-angry than some heated angry fucking. Thunderbolt has always been by Hulk's side. She was a trooper this time as well. Watch the tight sexy fox take every inch of crazy Hulk up her sore snatch, saving the city from total destruction. That giant green cock, it pretty much split the babe apart!

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Heracles also tried to defeat Medusa, but in his very own way. Apparently her gaze did turn him to stone, but only partly. It was his big heavy cock that turned to stone when the hero saw the tight-bodied monster and her strangely appealing curves. Their battle turned to raw kinky sex almost right away. Soon both were spent, but Medusa knew Heracles would be back soon.

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It was about to be just another workout for Megan and Scarlett, but it turned out to be something else entirely. The girls did give their superstar bodies a boost, but what a boost it was! Watch the two red carpet hotties have no choice but take their skimpy red workout outfits off. With guys as super-strong and super-hung as these two, you do what they tell you no matter how dirty it is!

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