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Life brought Captain to the strangest places, and he was lucky enough to always leave them with loot. Sometimes something extra as well! Watch as he almost makes his getaway with the compass... and then decided to stay for some fun! That creature was just strange, but its female minion was way too sexy not to pound her tight pussy soaked in exotic juice. See how the crazy scene unveils!

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Late night experiments were always a bad idea. Still, the sexy female assistant was curious about certain aspects of how avatars came to be. The whole thing got out of control and she had a wild, blue-skinned, obviously male species to deal with. There was only one way. She let it ram its huge unearthly shaft into her fuck holes and milked the pulsing thing till she was safe again.

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Whenever Supergirl sees injustice, she takes action. That time, the injustice took the shape of a monster shamelessly using that poor girl for its vile pleasures. That's too much for the doll to handle. Watch her tear the two apart and take the assault of the monster's big bizarre dick herself. Well, the girl still wanted some of it, so they fought (and fucked) evil together.

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Favorite place closed down, Hunk very angry! And what's better to do when you're angry, no, super-angry than some heated angry fucking. Thunderbolt has always been by Hulk's side. She was a trooper this time as well. Watch the tight sexy fox take every inch of crazy Hulk up her sore snatch, saving the city from total destruction. That giant green cock, it pretty much split the babe apart!

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